Why Does Tanya Markova wear Make-up?

“This blog was posted on the Tanya Markova fan page last January 30, 2011, with some minor edits. Just wanna share.”

Countless peoples have asked the same question, “Why do you wear make up? ” and we usually remark that “We like horror movies, b-movies, and Marilyn Manson.” Wherever we go, that’s been the same answer we’re giving to them. Lately, some music writer (who is in no way near the level of Lester Bangs) has been giving us a thumbs down, and he even ranted on National TV that we’re a gimmick and a major label product, that the truth is we have no fanbase, and we should wear more make-up because we have to be ashamed of what we’re doing. We respect his opinion if we’re not suited for his ‘classy, sohisticated’ sense of taste, but his baseless accusations about us made me write this explanation. I always felt we do not owe an explanation to anyone, until now.

First off, we will never be ashamed on what we are doing. We do not give a sh*t about the consequences, cause we have experienced wearing make up and costumes while walking in public and we were never bothered. We have been ‘in character’ for the last 4 years, and we believe that a ‘manufactured’ band will never do what we are doing. We are a fun loving band, ‘pretentiousness’ will never be on our dictionary. We just have a dark and twisted sense of humor.
Another thing is that we are fans of ‘obscure’ bands and type of music. Think of The Cure, a great pop band known for its quirky frontman, Robert Smith. He’s one of the main reason (or influence) as to why we have a different approach when it comes to creating songs. We actually thought that he is wearing a clown makeup thats why he looks like a sulking vampire, only to find out that it is his natural skin color. This is useless information, but we really did not base it on KISS.
We are also think that we are part of a Vaudeville, that’s why we regard our music as some sort of a theatrical act telling a story, in order to perform a ‘horror’ show. It has been embedded on Pinoy noontime show culture that some contestants wear make up in order to get noticed especially on dance numbers, or performances — and many Filipino viewers suck up to it. We poke fun of that culture, hence our clown white appearance on gigs. Its our way of being sarcastic. We want to say to everyone that, hey, we are wearing make up, but our music really speaks for itself. We are also poking fun of people who suddenly say ‘sellout’ or ‘corny’ whenever they see funny guys wearing make-up on TV.
I guess, we just want to do something revolutionary. Something that could rile up everybody, to see their reaction. We have explained many times that our idea to form this band came up during the time when Pinoy rock and roll was all about flash and lack of substance cause there’s nothing new (I’m not generalizing because there were still many great bands during that time), when many musicians in the scene were trying to act like rock stars.
To those people who have been put off by us wearing make-up, we just want to say “Sorry, but you have to deal with it.” It’s just plain, satisfying, self-fulfilling entertainment.


The Perfect Place

Photo taken from http://wallpapersus.com/

Photo taken from http://wallpapersus.com/

There are times wherein we thought, and need, to go somewhere, in order to ease up on things, and just sort of “refresh” ourselves. We just can’t help it because life, if mismanaged, often becomes cruel, unforgiving, stressful, and sad. Thoughts like “We are poor,” “My lover left me,” “I feel so alone”, “I have nowhere else to go”, would make everybody go ape-shit and do something stupid. Some choose to deal with it, but in harmful ways — they get depressed, they do hard drugs, and any insane thing they don’t usually do (like some guy on the news lately who killed her young daughter and made it her profile picture on Facebook, much to the shock of his wife who is in another country) and eventually succumb to it. Even worse, some people choose to become sad forever, and a few would even take their own lives. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Guess what, you need to chill out, and cheer up.

Thank God, some people have the right frame of mind, and are sane enough, to go on and live life like how you’re supposed to live it. We have been granted a choice to explore the wonder of everything that is within our reach, and make our experience worthwhile and beneficial. We have several choices on how to do it. Whether it is by way of art, travel, music, anything creative that we could think of, we are living life like how it is supposed to be. We make things work, by thinking about something different to do. We are making a difference, by paying attention to things that are already there, and clinging to it, with lots of hope and positivity. We need positivity, cause we are human beings after all. We are fragile, but with the right attitude, we suddenly become tougher than the rock.

The best thing that you can do, in order to avoid being lonely and a bore forever, is to get the fuck out of your comfort zone. You need to do something different, that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Remember, the only thing that you can do in order to defeat your sadness and retain your sanity, is to cope with it, and look for ways in order for that happy feeling to remain. I am not being preachy, but what I am saying is the truth. I’ve been there, but I decided to just say “fuck it” and I was able to retain my sense of freedom (from sadness and other hang-ups that are so damn shallow). There are still times wherein I experience sadness, but I make it to a point to think of better things in order to counter it, by choosing to live.

I believe in a perfect place. It’s in your heart, and your state of mind, you just need to find it. I remember the time when I went to a seashore when I was still a kid. I enjoyed it so much, because it felt so familiar, yet so enchanting. That was one of the happiest days of my life. I was able to retain that same damn feeling when I saw waves and natural habitat recently. It was like I was being engulfed by something — I don’t know, divine, maybe. It was like heaven. My earliest childhood memories went back, and along with that was the same emotion that I felt when I was younger. That feeling of hope, and love. I promised to myself that I’ll never let sadness defeat me. Never again.

The need to go Outdoors

by Harlon Pasion Agsaoay



Photo taken at the summit of Mount Damas by Vei Ortiz


It’s summertime, and many of us are probably aching to loosen up and have some sort of a journey in order to lessen the summer heat and enjoy an adventure-filled vacation. Some of us are probably going to the beach in order to swim, dive, or even surf, and some of us are planning to do wakeboarding, kayaking, mountain climbing, rappelling, and the likes. In short, we want to do something different, ’cause we are stressed when it comes to our work or school, and the city is too crowded and noisy for us to enjoy a well-needed rest. We, Filipinos, are fond of going outdoors during these months, that is why places like Boracay, Puerto Galera and even Anilao are packed and vibrant.


In my opinion, there is more to outdoor activities than just plain enjoyment. It has always been for me, an excuse to reflect and be more curious about how nature works. Buzz Aldrin, one of the 3 astronomers of Apollo 11 once said that humans are bound to have an ‘insatiable curiosity’, and due to this natural trait, we are explorers. I totally agree to that, because in my opinion, exploring would be a way for us to connect to the world, so that we’ll understand how it works. We should not separate ourselves from nature (unlike most people who are not thinking about the consequences whenever they do harsh things against nature itself) — instead, we should be part of it; and we have no right to destroy and exploit it. Check out this video from North Face and you’ll see what I mean.



During the course of time that i’ve been joining a group of people to climb mountains — not just a dayhike, but an overnight stay once we reach the highest point of the mountain or the summit. I’m quite a latebloomer when it comes to these types of adventure, but then I felt the natural instinct to become part of it. I never even joined mountaineering orgs while I was in school, but then, I’ve got lots of experiences climbing tall trees (to be honest, I am good at it), and that made me think that I can adapt to climbing mountain trails.  It was a different ballgame though, because to be honest, I am quite afraid of heights, but still, I did it. It is hard to climb a mountain, yet, you learn a lot, as a human being. I really liked the challenge, because it requires a certain amount of skill and perseverance to do mountain trekking. The good thing about it is that you get to observe life itself — and that there is more to it than your own problems, heartaches, and petty opinions. I have met nice and helpful people when I decided to experience mountaineering. Those people, understand the joys and the thrill of being in the mountain, and they’re the coolest guys to be around with. They don’t think about other things when they explore, they leave their problems in the city or where they come from, and they value community and respect amongst others. I’ve never once encountered a smug climber (maybe there’s a few, not that I’m aware of, but I am sure there’s not too many), because that type of personality is not supposed to be welcome to trudge mountains.


After my experience with at least two mountains and the enjoyment of it all, I soon realized that what I’ve learned from climbing ’til I reached the top can be applied in the “real world.” I learned to be more patient, especially during traffic in the city, or rush hour at work, annoying and pestering people that you can find anywhere, and any other things or incidents when you need to be calm or to settle down. I learned to become more self aware, and to understand everything without prejudice or bias, and to appreciate everything that I encounter in  life however good or bad it may be. I learned to be more driven, willing to take risks and challenges and to try different things, and gain more focus, in order to achieve my ambition and goals.


I never considered myself as an extreme sports enthusiast. I never learned how to properly ride a skateboard, or a rollerblade. Or wakeboarding. When I decided to join a mountaineering team, I was inexperienced, but then I had this “hell yeah” attitude and welcomed the challenge. I’ve always considered myself as a person who loves taking risks, and appreciates the beauty of life. Climbing mountains equate to nature tripping, and with that mindset, you are valuing your surroundings. You’re not being selfless. I will never to come to a point where I’ll climb Mount Everest, the highest summit in the world, or the more dangerous Himalayan mountain called K2, but you bet I am going to climb more mountains. I’ve always loved the outdoors. Surfing would be my next adventure, and I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy every moment of it.


Nature tripping is therapeutic. In my opinion, it is also spiritual. It sort of helps you out in understanding why we live, and what’s our purpose, and helps us understand our weakness. It is in any way productive, because it helps us strengthen our mental capacity. It enriches your well-being. You have to do it to believe it. Just don’t leave your trash there.

Musikalayaan, Musikalawakan, Musikababawan at Musikalokohan

ni Harlon Pasion Agsaoay

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius

Masarap tumugtog. Para sa mga musikerong katulad ko, ecstatic ito. Parang sex. Hindi nakakaumay. Pero pagdating naman sa mismong eksena ng mga rakista o musikero dito sa Pinas, madaming isyu. Medyo may mga ‘di nagkakatugma. May nagbabangayan, may nagbabatuhan ng kuro kuro, may di nagkakasundo. Walang gaanong pagkakaisa. Pero hindi na siguro dapat magsisihan, lalo lang gugulo. Naghihingalo na nga yung eksena mag babanggaan pa tayo. Maturity is the key para maayos ang lahat ng bagay bagay, hindi yung naghahanapan ng butas.

Idaan na lang siguro yan sa nationwide discussion o open forum, kung saan ang lahat ng side magsasalita. Break the barriers, no discrimination, at bigyan ng tsansa ang lahat, malaki ka mang pangalan o nag uumpisa pa lang. Sa tingin ko nga pwede ring gamitin ang page ng Facebook para sa pakikipagtalastasan ng kurokuro sa estado ng musikang Pinoy (wala lang sana mang-troll). Madami kasing dapat mapag usapan, kagaya ng mga paraan to distribute music effectively, how to counteract piracy, at kung ano ba talaga ang matutulong ng iba’t ibang sektor para maramdaman naman ng mga musikero na nabibigyan sila ng pansin, at karapatan.

Sincere naman siguro yung mambabatas na si Ifugao representative Teddy Baguilat sa OPM bill nya, kung saan magkakaroon ng Reciprocal Equity Fee ang mga foreign artists tuwing magpeperform sila dito, pero dapat inalam nya muna kung mayroon pang mas epektibong paraan para makatulong talaga ang gobyerno sa mga nanlilimahid na mga musikero natin ngayon. Dapat makita nya ito first hand, dahil sa tingin ko, mas mayroon pang epektibong paraan kesa yung sinusulong nyang batas. Hindi makakatulong ang pan-tatax sa mga foreign arts, dahil sa tingin ko, wala rin namang patutunguhan yun. May mga pupunta pa rin ditong banyagang musikero, at ano ang sense ng batas na yan? Para madiscourage silang pumunta? Katangahan naman yun, ‘di naman talaga yung foreign music at root cause ng problema namin ngayon. At isa pa, mas maganda pa siguro kung ang batas na ginawa nya e  i-regulate na lang yung bilang ng mga foreign acts na dumarating sa bansa,  kesa naman sa pabayaran ng equity fee na sinasabi nya. Kumbaga, papuntahin yung mga foreign acts na “worth it” talaga tumugtog dito (although alam natin na depende naman sa organizer ng concert kung ano ang kukunin nyang artist, pera pera din naman labanan dyan)

Ang masasabi ko lang, hindi rin naman kasi talaga basehan yung radyo o telebisyon ngayon para makita kung gaano ka-diverse ang musikang Pilipino. Huwag tayong  bumase sa kung ano mang pacontest sa giant networks na pinapalabas para makita kuno yung talento ng mga Pinoy. Ang ilan sa napakaraming  tunay na magagaling na musikero, tumutugtog sa bars o sa anumang venue kung saan mas nahahasa nila yung craft nila, at malamang sa malamang e, hindi naririnig sa mga generic radio stations  yung mga awitin nila. Sana mas maging open minded ang gobyerno natin sa mga ganitong sitwasyon (Yun e kung gusto talaga nilang tumulong).

Isa sa nakikita kong problema sa mga musikero, hindi tayo ganun ka-united. Masyadong malaki yung faction or agwat natin sa isa’t isa. Imbis na inaayos yung problema e nag aaway pa. Masyado ring may barriers pagdating sa genre ng musika dito sa ‘Pinas. Kunwari sa isang malaking event, sa benteng tutugtog na mga banda, 18 dito e metal, tapos yung dalawa lang ang medyo naiba. Paano magkakaroon ng diversity nyan kung ang organizers mismo ng gig e hindi open minded. Kumbaga sa tingin ko, may gap ang mainstream tsaka underground na eksena. Marami dyang nagmamaasim, maraming naghahatakan pababa (yung tipong nag-aaway sa billing ng gig, nagsisiraan sa social network, at kung anu ano pang kababawan — hindi lahat ng musikero ganito, alam natin yan, karamihan sa kanila positive vibes lang at sobrang sinusuportahan yung eksena — kaso may mga tao rin talagang maere, nagmamagaling, at wala talagang pinagkatandaan) , o may pansariling interes. Sana matigil na ‘yung ganyan. Kasi ang musika naman e nababase sa panlasa. Sana nga.


The Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

Cool Tattoos!


French tattoo artist Loïc Lavenu, also known by the nickname Xoïl, has a very distinctive Photoshop collage aesthetic. The results are always surreal, sprawling, and highly experimental.



Peter is incredibly skilled at creating many visual art styles, be it watercolor, cubism, or precisely shaded pencil drawings.



Ondrash in Znojmo, Czec

Ondrash is practically becoming a household name due to the raging popularity of the watercolor tattoos he specializes in.h Republic



Mariusz Trubisz in Wroclaw, Poland

Mariusz has a flair for shading and creating incredibly vibrant tattoos that are practically neon.



Madame Chän in Berlin, Germany

Madame Chän does a few different styles, but my favorite ones are the dreamy, chimerical tattoos she specializes in.



Marcin Aleksander Surowiec in Warsaw, Poland

Marcin uses incredibly vibrant inks to achieve his brand of highly vivid surrealist tattoos



Kenji Alucky from Hokkaido, Japan

Kenji is known for a…

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5 Unsigned Bands, that in my personal opinion, are worth your damn time

by “That Blogging Guy from Tanya Markova”


I’ve been frequenting blog posts and articles lately, granted that my day job is very much related to checking out the internet and stuff (Musicians nowadays need a job, y’know). Since my job requires a lot of learning and skillset, despite the fact that it’s quite exciting, its normal to feel some sort of stress. My therapy? to listen to music, lots of it. Most of the time, I listen to several kinds of music, depending on my mood. I’m a voracious listener. It sets my mood right, and gives me a fresh perspective everyday.

There are times where I listen to new bands, especially in the Pinoy scene. I’ve found a few of them that I really like. Nowadays, when I go to gigs, the scene is flooded with generic bands that sound alike, uber hipster bands who only keep their music to themselves and their friends (with English as their freakin’ first language, sounds irritating as hell), bands that would prefer noise over content, and bands that would rather rip off the sounds of great bands like Kamikazee, Urbandub, and Franco, and not caring much about their own identity. It sounds frustrating, but that’s what I’ve been observing nowadays. Yet, I don’t lose hope, because there are still several bands out there who’re just waiting to be noticed, if given the chance.

I just decided to mention at least 5 bands that I really like nowadays because my blog would be too long should I decide to list all the bands worth checking out for. These 5 bands I’ll mention has it all: showmanship, fluidity, and heart.  They also don’t sound like any other bands I know, and they’re very artistic. I am friends with some of these bands, so clearly I have some sort of bias (hee-hee) — but mind you, they’re really good.


This band is special. First of all, Reyg Munoz-Linao (we call her Mommy Reyg, because she’s caring and sweet) and his husband, one of the most talented guitarists around, Jomal Linao, are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They currently own the restaurant Zili Nasi Goreng in Cainta (worth checking out for), and they hold events for bands most of the time. But anyways, despite their hectic schedule, they still manage to squeeze some time to perform and share their music as the band Talata. When they put their game face on the stage, it is so damn thrilling. Check out this Tower of Doom Sessions’ performance for their song Fed Up and you’ll know what I mean

Mommy Reyg’s voice is very powerful and compelling. There’s no waste of words when she sings, and I really love her vocal delivery. I would recommend that you listen to her in “Balintataw”, probabaly the grooviest song they’ve ever written. On the other hand, we all know Jomal’s amazing guitar work in Kamikazee, but his riffs in Talata should raise no doubt on your mind that he’s really one hell of a guitar player. Now, add James (guitar), Dacky (drums) and Anton (bass) onto the line-up and you’ve got a really solid band. This band can be heavy, melodic, and even sweet at the same time. Fans of metal, hardcore, and even alternative will definitely like Talata’s music.

Dhruva Tara

Judging from the name, you probably thought that this band is into Indian music, but then you’re wrong. Their name was probably based on Hindu Mythology, and i’m not shocked, cause their frontman Fredz Mantilla is very much into astronauts and space. My bandmate Kiddo Guevarra (aka Jen Sucaldito) also plays guitar for this undeniably talented band. Brian Lotho, their drummer, plays for Join the Club, Alex Vito Cruz (keyboards) and Julius Dumlao (guitars) are members of  Maryzark, and their bassist Gi Garcia also sessions for other bands. Despite their bands on the side, this band should not be regarded as a mere side project. They are among the most talented bands existing on our local scene right now, and they sound better live. Fredz’ voice pulls you in, and this synth rock/indie/alternative outfit sure knows how to put on a show. Check out this music video from their song Hologram, and you’ll catch their melodic sensibility.

Paranoid City

Their name suggests “sci-fi” and a futuristic parallel universe, but I may be overreaching. I’ve watched this band for some time now, and they never fail to amaze me. Their synth man, Japo Araneta, is a friend and a bandmate, and he’s really talented; but that’s not the only reason why I consider them as one of my favorite unsigned bands. I really love the hooks and the “sing-song-y” rhythm that this band could initiate, ’cause they’re catchy as hell. They’re also conceptual (with band names like Dax, Eric Strange, 8-Bit, and CD-ROM, what could possibly go wrong?), and their disco rock/synth pop musical format could attract several audiences — be it a trance music fan, a vinyl collector, an oblivious tourist, or a new waver. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to hear their frontman Dax sing in Tagalog, in a danceable tune. That would be awesome. Check out this song from this colorful band. 

Farewell Fair Weather

This band is quite young. They are still within the 18 to 21 demographic, I believe. Don’t be deceived by their age though, cause this band, musicality-wise, is one of the best in the local scene right now. Their ‘jazzy/soul’ feel makes them unique among their peers, ’cause despite their young age, they already know the sound they want to achieve, and with this in mind, they are able to pull it off live, blowing away the minds of those who watched them perform. Mic Manalo is a very good singer, and quite Armi-esque when it comes to her vocal delivery, but give her more time and she’ll be able to find her own voice. This band is a beast, I guarantee you. Check out this performance. 


Yeah, I love metal. It helps me cope with stress by uplifting my spirit. On the other hand, I also look for musicality and fresh concept. That’s why I like Wilabaliw. This band just doesn’t give a shit about catchy choruses, yet they make up for it by sheer talent and full-on groove assault. We all know Ian Tayao from Quezo, but when you think about Wilabaliw’s music, you think differently. As a Wilabaliw frontman, he’s become more melodic, more insightful, more soulful — and with bandmates like Nino Avenido, Jesso Montero,  and Louis Isok, you just unleashed a monster. In my humble opinion, Wilabaliw is hands down the best and grooviest metal band right now. It’s funny cause I keep thinking of Mars Volta when I listen to Wilabaliw. I know that they don’t sound alike, I just think that both these bands care more about “feeling”, especially when they perform live. Here’s a sample of Wilabaliw’s song, Illuminate 

That’s it for now.

On the World Around Us: A Sampling of Science Blogs

One of the most insightful blogs i’ve ever read this week 🙂

The WordPress.com Blog

We love writers who are constantly curious — asking questions, digging deeper, and always learning about the world around us. Here are some science bloggers to add to your reading list:

The Renaissance Mathematicus

The self-proclaimed “aging freak” at Renaissance Mathematicus writes about the history, philosophy, and mythology of science in the early modern period (roughly the fifteeth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries) — and focuses on the mythology of science in particular, exposing and exploding these myths. For a taste, consider the recentposts on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s remake of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.

Why? Because Science.

The blogchild of witty science writer Thea Beckman, Why — Because Science is a refreshing space for science writing. Thea, who has a background in atmospheric science, injects humor and personality in her posts — take a look at “The Sky Is Only Sometimes Blue,” in which she illustrates a discussion of light, energy and sound…

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Rakenrol, OPM at ang Digital Age

Higit mga dalawang taon na din mula nung makapagsulat ako ng huling blog, na ipinost ko pa sa blog-website na posterous, na matagal na din palang nawala nung sinubukan ko yung hanapin. Tungkol yun sa kantang Facebook Song. Sayang at di na mahagilap sa net yung post na yun.

Nakakamiss din pala talaga magsulat ng kung anong maisip mo. Narealize ko na lang bigla na kailangan ko ng magmaintain ng blog para sa aking pagmumuni muni. Me bumabagabag ngayon sa aking saloobin, at ito ay tungkol sa rock scene natin ngayon, or even yung opm in general.

Una sa lahat, naaalala ko pa, apat na taon na din pala ang nakalipas mula nung narekord namin yung una naming album. Ambilis nga naman ng panahon. Andami ng nangyari. Kasabay ng mga taong nakalipas yung paglakas ng social media, at pagbulusok ng digital age. Nauso ang torrents, at kung anu ano pang ‘iligal’ na paraan ng pagdadownload ng materials gaya ng kanta at videos. Sobrang lawak na ngayon ng information gateway sa internet. Nakakalula. Pero kasunod nito ang isang nakakalungkot na katotohanan. ‘Di na masyado mabenta ang mga CDs dahil sa piracy. Sinasabi ko ito dahil direkta kaming naapektuhan ng pangyayaring ito, base na rin sa overall sales nung album namin. Hindi ko sinasabi ito dahil mukha akong pera, nakakaalarma lang itong pagbabagong ito ng trend pagdating sa pag-access ng musika. Mas pinipili na ng mga maraming nakikinig ngayon na i-download na lang ang mga kanta ng libre sa internet kesa gumastos ng 250 pesos para sa isang bagong CD. Kesa naman sa gumastos e, mas okey ng kunin yung mga kantang nilalabas ngayon sa net. Makakalibre ka na, madali pa syang gawin basta me computer ka, hindi mo na kailangang magpunta sa stores para bumili ng CD.

Hindi natin ito kontrolado. Mainis man o madismaya ang mga artists, indie man o under ng label, wala na tayong magagawa kundi ang tanggapin ito. Kasabay ng pagbabagong ito ang isang napakalaking transition. Since internet age ngayon, nakahanap ang ibang mga artists ng avenue para maparating ang kanilang musical expression. Naging instant success dito ang Fliptop battles. Lumabas din ang Tower of Doom Sessions, na nakapagdocument ng live performances ng maraming banda. Yung mga nag-cocover ng songs gaya Donnalyn Bartolome nagkapangalan dahil sa youtube. Sama mo na rin si Jireh Lim.

Dahil dito ay nagdesisyon na rin ang mga record labels na i-market ang mga kanta ng kanilang artists sa internet sites tulad ng mymusicstore.ph at pati na rin sa iTunes. Sadya nga talagang ‘di maiiwasan ang pagbabago. Kailangan maki-adapt sa sistema. Hindi ko nga lang alam kung malakas ito (monetary).

Subalit, datapwat, ngunit… isa ring malaking pagbabago ang nagaganap sa musical landscape ng Pilipinas, at kasama na dito nagbabanda. Ang pagbabagong ito ay napaka-obvious, at halatang halata. May mga nagtatanong sa akin minsan kung “buhay pa ba ang eksena ngayon?” o “kumusta ang mga banda?” at ang natatanging sagot dyan ay meron, pero hindi na sya kagaya ng dati.

Madami ng nagsarang bars. Nangyayari naman talaga yun, na may mga nagsasarang mga bar, dahil siguro sa lokasyon o mahal ng upa rito. Ang nakakagulat lang, ang mga bars na bigla na lang nagsara ngayon dito sa Metro Manila e nakatatak na. Freedom Bar at Sazi’s Bar (dating Mayric’s, kakabukas lang ng bagong Sazi’s bar sa Malate) ang pinaka-notable sa kanila. Yung mga bar na yan dati, napupuno. Ang mga natirang kilalang bar na nagpupunan na lang ngayon ng tugtugan e saGuijo, 70’s Bistro, pati na BKB, at may mga bagong bukas na din tulad ng Mang Rudy’s. Kaso parang may kulang.

Noong taong 2010, nawala ang kilalang rock station na NU107. Marami ang nagulat, at nalungkot, kasama na ako. Aminin man natin o hindi, isa itong malaking kawalan. Sa ngayon kasi, karamihan ng mga radio stations e pare-pareho na ang format, at ang target audience. “Masa”. Walang masama sa ganitong format, at nirerespeto ko sila (bilang kami din ay napapatugtog minsan), pero sa ngayon kasi, kulang sa variety at specific na target audience ang mga radyo ngayon. Hindi naman kasi lahat nakikinig ng Miley Cyrus, at ng Pusong Bato. Hindi rin lahat ng Pinoy e kumakagat sa mga corny jokes na napapakinggan sa radyo.

Kahit naman papaano may variety pa din ngayon ang radio airwaves. May nagpapatugtog pa rin ng rock, classical, jazz, blues, at international pop. May nagpapatugtog pa rin naman ng OPM, at mga banda dito sa Pilipinas, kaso…parang kulang pa din talaga.

Yun ang paulit-ulit kong tinatanong. Ano nga ba? Kinulang na ba sa suporta ang rock scene dito sa Pilipinas? sa promotion? sa mga venues para makatugtog? Malakas naman ang events ng Tanduay 5 at Red Horse. Bakit parang hindi pa rin sapat?

Noong golden age ng rock and roll (early to late 90’s), napakalakas ng mga banda. Madalas silang napapakinggan sa radyo. Napakasuwerte ng henerasyon na namulat at naging parte ng kasaysayang yon. Kahit nung mga early 2000 malakas pa ang suporta sa mga banda, dahil naging parte na ito ng ‘trend’. Kahit hindi sociologist o pop culture expert e mapapatunayang buhay na buhay pa ang eksena nung mga panahong yon.

Heto ngayon ang sitwasyon: Ewan ko lang kung marami ang nakakapansin pero sa tingin ko ay hindi na nakikilala yung mga bagong talents ngayon especially sa rock scene. Parang sa tingin ko tuloy mga ilang taga subaybay na lang ng rock scene at kapwa musikero ang nakakakilala sa kanila. It was as if nag-regress yung public exposure ng mga banda dito sa Pilipinas. At maraming naglalaro sa aking kung bakit.

Baka naman nagkaroon na ng selective memory ang mga Pinoy sa musika at nag-decide na kalimutan na yung mga bagong banda after 2010? Or baka di na sila maka-relate sa bagong hipster sounding bands ngayon? O kaya naman ayaw na mag mainstream ng mga bagong banda dahil baduy? (Side comment: Parang di ata akma na ang isang banda ay “ayaw” o hindi pabor sa pagmemainstream. Ano pa silbi mong nagbanda kung ang gusto mo lang makarinig ng tugtugan nyo e yung kapitbahay mo?) Or kinulang lang talaga ng effort yung mga bagong banda para i-promote yung sarili nila? O kaya na-hook na ang mga Pinoy sa Koreanovela kaya mas gusto na lang nila ng K-pop kasi mas masarap pakinggan sa tenga yung recording kahit na hindi maintindihan yung content? (Hindi ako against sa Kpop, actually may magaganda silang naproproduce na kanta). O baka naman kasi mas tumaas na ang standard ng mga Pinoy pagdating sa musika dahil napakinggan na nila halos lahat ng klase ng tunog at iniisip nila na wala ng bago sa eksena natin? Or ang sentro na talaga ng magagaling na banda ngayon ay sa Cebu City at hindi na sa Maynila?

Madaming dahilan, pero sa tingin ko mas kailangan natin ngayon ng paraan, para sumigla ang eksenang minahal na ng mga Pilipinong mahilig sa ‘di pangkaraniwang tugtugan. Hanggang dito na muna siguro ang gusto kong sabihin.