The Perfect Place

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There are times wherein we thought, and need, to go somewhere, in order to ease up on things, and just sort of “refresh” ourselves. We just can’t help it because life, if mismanaged, often becomes cruel, unforgiving, stressful, and sad. Thoughts like “We are poor,” “My lover left me,” “I feel so alone”, “I have nowhere else to go”, would make everybody go ape-shit and do something stupid. Some choose to deal with it, but in harmful ways — they get depressed, they do hard drugs, and any insane thing they don’t usually do (like some guy on the news lately who killed her young daughter and made it her profile picture on Facebook, much to the shock of his wife who is in another country) and eventually succumb to it. Even worse, some people choose to become sad forever, and a few would even take their own lives. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Guess what, you need to chill out, and cheer up.

Thank God, some people have the right frame of mind, and are sane enough, to go on and live life like how you’re supposed to live it. We have been granted a choice to explore the wonder of everything that is within our reach, and make our experience worthwhile and beneficial. We have several choices on how to do it. Whether it is by way of art, travel, music, anything creative that we could think of, we are living life like how it is supposed to be. We make things work, by thinking about something different to do. We are making a difference, by paying attention to things that are already there, and clinging to it, with lots of hope and positivity. We need positivity, cause we are human beings after all. We are fragile, but with the right attitude, we suddenly become tougher than the rock.

The best thing that you can do, in order to avoid being lonely and a bore forever, is to get the fuck out of your comfort zone. You need to do something different, that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Remember, the only thing that you can do in order to defeat your sadness and retain your sanity, is to cope with it, and look for ways in order for that happy feeling to remain. I am not being preachy, but what I am saying is the truth. I’ve been there, but I decided to just say “fuck it” and I was able to retain my sense of freedom (from sadness and other hang-ups that are so damn shallow). There are still times wherein I experience sadness, but I make it to a point to think of better things in order to counter it, by choosing to live.

I believe in a perfect place. It’s in your heart, and your state of mind, you just need to find it. I remember the time when I went to a seashore when I was still a kid. I enjoyed it so much, because it felt so familiar, yet so enchanting. That was one of the happiest days of my life. I was able to retain that same damn feeling when I saw waves and natural habitat recently. It was like I was being engulfed by something — I don’t know, divine, maybe. It was like heaven. My earliest childhood memories went back, and along with that was the same emotion that I felt when I was younger. That feeling of hope, and love. I promised to myself that I’ll never let sadness defeat me. Never again.


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